As we spend a greater length of time within our cars for work, leisure pursuits or holidays, we require products to make our journeys more comfortable. Here at Car Care we have a large selection of products from companies such as Ring, Type S and Pama which help you do just this.


USB & Multi Sockets

With the increase in hi-tech in-car accessories including satellite navigation systems, DVD players, Smart phones and tablets, the demands on a vehicles’s power resources are becoming more and more. One power outlet point in a vehicle is no longer enough; many people require 2,3 or even 4 power outlets. If your vehicle only has one then here at Car Care we have just what you need to give you more power outlets. Our multi sockets include 2 way, 3 way and 4 way sockets and even USB sockets.



We stock a large range of Phone, Drinks, Sat Nav and tablet holders to fit all vehicles. Many of the holders are fully adjustable to fit almost any size you require. Whether you want to attach your item to the windscreen, dashboard or air vent, we’ve got a holder for you. We also stock Sunglass holders and non-slip dashmats for any items that won’t fit a normal holder.


Tailored Car Mats

Here at Car Care we can supply tailored carpet car mats to fit almost any vehicle. The mats are made from high quality material and start from just £24.99. Please call in store or contact us to find out if we can supply the mats for your vehicle.


Wheel Trims

A car’s wheels are one the first things that people look at and notice on a car. Nice looking wheels can really set a car off and make it look its best. For cars with standard steel wheels we have a great selection of wheel trims in stock ranging from 13-16 inch sizes. All you need to do to determine which size wheel trim you require is look for the numbers on your tyre and specifically the letter “R” which will be followed by a number that tells you your wheel size. e.g R14 is a 14inch wheel



Air Fresheners

Keep your vehicle smelling fresh by choosing one of our great Air Fresheners from our extensive range in store. We stock many of the top brands: Magic Tree, Jelly Belly, California Scents and many more. Air fresheners are a simple and easy way to give the inside of your car a lift. Visit us in store to see our great range of air fresheners today.

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